The concept

Bewell-Now is a website dedicated to the discovery of its Genevan partner’s various activities: natural therapies, courses, culture and cuisine… Our goal is to bring more and more wellness and colors to our subscribers. Join us!

Discovery is a key motivator to Bewell-Now. We love to share what we discover with you: from a massage session, why not go to a concert and then to a nice restaurant tested by us… A perfect day!

RESPECT FOR THE PARTNER is crucial in our way to define our deals. The number of vouchers per offer and the discount’s amount is agreed with our partner, on a case by case basis, following the type of activity and the partner’s possibilities.

Bewell-Now has a LOCAL HEART. We must admit that we have a soft spot for partners who encourage local economy, especially when it comes to delight ourselves with a seasonal dish.

We love what we discover in Geneva’s small streets, but mostly, we love to share ot with you! Leave a comment on our Facebook page… and don’t forget to like us!



Choose an offer. Bewell-now publishes several weekly offers in Wellness, Culture, Arts and Sport activities, which remain on-line for a while.


Buy the offer, make the payment by postcard, visa or MasterCard.


Print the voucher attached to the email of confirmation.


Show the voucher at the relevant announcer.


Enjoy your deal and Contact us for any information.